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Month November 2023

How I Delete Samsung Keyboard History

screenshot of samsung keyboard with overlay text delete samsung keyboard history

The Samsung Keyboard has been my go-to input method on my Android device, providing a smooth typing experience with its personalized predictions and suggestions. However, to ensure my privacy and protect my personal information, I make it a point to…

How I Fixed Samsung Unable to Make Calls (easy Steps)

screenshot of unable to make calls with overlay text how to fix it

Encountering difficulties with making calls on your Samsung device can be frustrating and inconvenient. Whether it’s a complete inability to make calls or intermittent call drops, identifying the root cause and resolving the issue promptly is essential. This comprehensive guide…

How to Reset a Samsung Soundbar [easy steps]

samsung tv with soundbar and overlay text to reset it

Resetting your Samsung soundbar is often an effective solution to troubleshoot problems and restore optimal audio output. Whether you’re experiencing sound glitches or connectivity issues, or simply want to refresh your soundbar’s settings, this comprehensive guide will walk you through…