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Month December 2023

What is Samsung XR App?

What is Samsung XR App overlay text with screenshot

Here’s exactly what is samsung XR app, how it works, and what it does. Samsung XR App was a suite of mobile applications designed for Samsung Gear VR headsets, offering a gateway to a diverse range of VR experiences. Discontinued…

What is a SmartThings App? (on every samsung)

screenshot of smartthing app with overlay text what it is

Here’s exactly What is Smartthings app. SmartThings is a smart home automation app that allows you to connect, control, automate, and monitor a wide variety of internet-connected home devices from a single user-friendly interface. With SmartThings, you can manage smart…

What is the Samsung Free App?

what is Samsung free app text with app opening screen

Here’s exactly: What is the Samsung Free app? Which is installed on every Samsung phone, most users are wondering what it does, so here’s exactly what you need to know about it. How I Use, and What Exactly is Samsung…

What is Samsung Knox? (It’s Easy)

What is Samsung Knox thumbnail image

Here’s exactly What you need to know about Samsung Knox, which can make a massive difference. Let’s dive in. Samsung Knox is a defense-grade mobile security platform built into most Samsung Galaxy devices. It provides a comprehensive suite of security…

Fix Samsung “Not Registered on Network” Error

screenshot of Samsung Not Registered on Network Error

This is exactly how we fixed the Not registered on network error for all the Samsung phone users. This is proven for all Samsung smartphones that by following only 2-3 steps, this can be fixed permanently. Let’s dive in. Getting…