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About Us

Hello everyone, this is Maruti Kashyap. I own multiple Samsung devices, including a Samsung TV, Samsung laptop, and Samsung M33 5G, and over the past 10 years, I’ve purchased many Samsung devices and encountered various issues. I possess the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot Samsung products.

GuruSamsung.com is a blog where you will find the most relevant information and informative articles related to Samsung, whether it’s a smartphone, TV, washing machine, or anything else.

I’ve used a bunch of Samsung devices in the past, like my uncle’s A73 and M31. My whole family thinks Samsung is the best company out there and that they make the best products. We have a Samsung ecosystem in our home and in my surroundings, so Samsung is in my blood. That’s why I can provide the best information related to Samsung.

In the early days of our website, we will focus on publishing content related to Samsung device troubleshooting tutorials. Over time, we plan to expand to cover topics such as how to optimize the performance of Samsung devices and perform various tasks on them.

Furthermore, we will introduce additional categories like recommended apps for Samsung. We have a dedicated Samsung APK for downloading some of the essential Samsung apps.

As we fully roll out the website, we aim to become a comprehensive Samsung blog, providing information on Samsung devices, how-tos, and informative blog posts.

Additionally, I have access to global Samsung service centers through my Samsung membership. These centers are located in India, Singapore, and New York City.

With numerous cases involving Samsung devices happening daily, people are often curious about how to resolve them. This blog is dedicated to sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past 10 years, and I’ll complement this information with helpful imagery and videos.