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Fix Samsung “Not Registered on Network” Error

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This is exactly how we fixed the Not registered on network error for all the Samsung phone users. This is proven for all Samsung smartphones that by following only 2-3 steps, this can be fixed permanently. Let’s dive in.

Getting the “Not Registered on Network” error on your Samsung device can be a real pain. It means you can’t make calls, send texts, or use mobile data, which can be super frustrating. In this article, we’ll look at why this issue happens and how you can fix it. We’ll take you through some simple steps to get your Samsung device reconnected.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fix Samsung “Not Registered on Network” Error

while calling Samsung Not Registered on Network Error
screenshot of Not Registered on Network Error while calling

Fix 1: Network Operator to Automatic

  • I found that setting the network operator to automatic was crucial. Manually selecting T-Mobile as the network operator under APN settings may not always be effective, so letting the device choose automatically can be beneficial.

Fix 2: Problematic SIM Card

  • If your SIM card is causing issues, changing or replacing it is a common suggestion. I personally found this to be a temporary solution, but it’s worth trying, especially if the SIM card is problematic.
not-registered-on-network screenshot

Fix 3: Reset Network Settings

In my experience, when facing the “Samsung not registered on network” issue, resetting network settings has proven to be a factual and effective solution. Resetting network settings involves clearing all the device’s network-related configurations and restoring them to their default state. Here’s how you can do it:

reset samsung settings screenshot
  • Navigate to Settings:
    • Access the “Settings” on your Samsung device.
  • Go to General Management:
    • Within Settings, locate and select “General Management.”
  • Select Reset:
    • Under General Management, find and select the “Reset” option.
  • Choose Reset Network Settings:
    • Within the Reset menu, look for the option specifically labelled “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Confirm the Reset:
    • Confirm your decision to reset network settings. Note that this action will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, and other network-related configurations.
  • Reboot Your Device:
    • After the reset is complete, restart your Samsung device.
screenshot of sam Not being Registered on Network

Fix 4: Reset APN Settings to Default

  • In my case, resetting the APN (Access Point Name) settings to default proved to be helpful. It’s a straightforward step that can potentially resolve connectivity issues related to incorrect APN configurations.

Fix 5: Safe Mode

  • To identify if a third-party app was causing the issue, I tested the phone in Safe Mode.

Fix 6: Firmware Update

  • Waiting for a software update from Samsung was a speculation I considered, as some users believed it might address the problem.

Fix 7: Hardware Replacement

  • Some users reported success by replacing specific hardware components, such as the part holding the SIM card. However, it’s worth noting that this fix may not be permanent.

Fix 8: Changing Network Operators Manually

  • Manually selecting T-Mobile as the network operator under APN settings was another step I took.

Fix 9: LTE Only Mode

  • In my case, limiting the phone to LTE only worked as a solution.

Fix 10: Samsung Service Center

  • When the issue persisted, I recommend visiting an official Samsung Service Center. They may offer hardware replacement or repair for persistent issues.

Additional Tips

  • Check for network outages in your area.
  • Move to a location with better signal coverage.
  • Try using a different SIM card in the same device to isolate the issue.
  • Consider replacing the SIM card if it’s damaged or outdated.

Advanced Troubleshooting

In my case, I considered a factory reset as a potential solution, a recommendation put forth by some users. It’s essential to approach this option with caution, as a factory reset may not guarantee a definitive fix for the “Samsung not registered on network” issue. While a factory reset can be a powerful tool to resolve software-related glitches and conflicts, it also entails the removal of all data and settings on the device.

Quick Summary

In summary, the “Not Registered on Network” error on your Samsung device signals a failure to connect to your mobile network. Potential causes include SIM card problems, software glitches, network setting issues, and network outages. To address this, you can troubleshoot by examining the SIM card, restarting the device, verifying network mode settings, checking for software updates, resetting network settings, and reaching out to Samsung support for further assistance.


If you’re encountering the “Not Registered on Network” error, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve the issue. In case the problem persists, you can reach out to Samsung support for further assistance in identifying and fixing any network-related problems. It’s important to remember that maintaining proper network connectivity is crucial for ensuring a seamless mobile experience on Samsung devices.

That’s it for the blog post, today, we tried to share exactly what has worked for me, which works on all the samsung devices.

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