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How To Check Screen Time On Samsung

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This is how to know your screen usage time on Samsung devices. I’m showing you all the steps with screenshots and videos so it would be super easy for you to do it. Checking screen time on Samsung is quite easy as checking it on other devices. Let’s get started.

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung

screenshot of samsung phone settings with digital wellbeing highlighted
screenshot of digital wellbeing first page
screenshot of complete dashboard of screentime, notifications and unlocks

How many times do I unlock my Samsung phone?

screenshot of total times i unlocked my phone

To check this, open the Digital Wellbeing app and hit the Screen Time dashboard. Scroll down a bit, and you will see the Unlocked section, which shows your daily, weekly, and even how many times you unlocked your Samsung phone in a day.

How do I see how many notifications I get a day on Samsung?

To determine the total notifications received in a day on your Samsung device, follow these steps:

screenshot of total notification i received in a day and week in samsung

By following these steps, you’ll gain insights into your notification activity and understand which types of apps are sending you the most notifications throughout the day.

To know the total notifications received in a day, open the Digital Wellbeing app, tap on the Screen Time dashboard. Here you will see the Notification tab, which shows exactly how many notifications I get a day and from which types of apps, such as Social, productivity, and finance, etc.

In Depth Tutorial How To Check Screen Time

Accessing Digital Wellbeing

To find usage statistics, open the Settings app on your Samsung device and select:

Digital Wellbeing & parental controls – The path varies slightly depending on your specific model and Android version. Look for it in the Device Care, Advanced Features, or General Management section.

Viewing Overall Screen Time

The main Digital Wellbeing dashboard displays a simple chart summarizing your daily device usage. It visually indicates:

  • Total duration – Shown on the graph and as a percentage below.
  • Number of unlocks – Indicates how often you turned on the screen.

Review each day’s usage and compare to gain perspective on your habits.

screenshot of Samsung screen time and notifications timer

Seeing App-Specific Details

Tap the chart to view usage time broken down by individual apps. Apps are sorted by total duration, but can be ordered by number of opens instead.

Analyzing top apps shows where you spend the most screen time and tend to get distracted.

Exploring Weekly Reports

For longer-term trends, the weekly usage report provides more holistic statistics. Access it via the calendar icon or “View weekly report” button.

The report displays:

  • Average daily usage – Compare day-to-day consistency.
  • Top used apps – Determine if proportions remain steady.

Toggle between weeks to spot usage creep or measure improvements.

Additional Features

Besides viewing screen time stats, Digital Wellbeing offers tools like:

  • App timers – Limit daily access for distracting apps.
  • Wind down – Enable Do Not Disturb and dark mode at bedtime.

Use these features appropriately to better achieve screen time goals.


Monitoring usage patterns is the first step towards developing responsible tech habits. Samsung empowers users with detailed screen time insights through Digital Wellbeing. Consider customizing timers or the weekly report to suit your needs. Most importantly, reflect on the numbers with self-compassion as motivation for change comes from within.

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