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How to Close Internet Tabs on Samsung

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Feeling overwhelmed by an overflowing sea of open tabs? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s Samsung’s native browser or the trusty Chrome, those little squares can quickly multiply, hogging memory and leaving you lost in a digital labyrinth. But fear not, fellow explorer!

This guide will help you to Close internet tabs on Samsung internet browser app.

Quick summary

Closing Samsung Internet Tabs (Step-By-Step)

Below is how you can do it easily,

Step 1: Open the Samsung Internet Browser App

screenshot of samsung apps from samsung apps folder
screenshot of samsung internet browser with tabs highlighted
  • Tap the Apps icon on your Samsung Galaxy home screen, located near the bottom.
  • This will open your Apps list.
  • Scroll down and locate the blue Samsung Internet app icon that says “Internet” under it.
  • Tap the Samsung Internet app icon to launch the browser.

Step 2: Tap on the Number of Tabs from the Bottom Bar

screenshot of close tabs and close all tabs from samsung internet app
  • Once the Samsung Internet browser opens, you will see any existing open tabs.
  • To view a list of all your open tabs and tab management options, tap the Tabs button on the bottom toolbar.
  • The Tabs button is on the far right of the toolbar and looks like a box with two lines in the middle.
  • Tapping this will open a window displaying all your currently open tabs.

There’s a bottom bar on the Samsung internet app, which shows many tabs opened.

Step 3: Now Slide TO Remove a Single Tab or Close All Tabs at Once

samsung internet app removing tabs by sliding

You have a couple options for closing tabs in the Samsung Internet browser:

So in summary, you can close individual tabs by tapping and holding or swiping sideways, while tapping the tab button and “Close all tabs” allows you to start fresh with no tabs open. Let me know if you need any other details on managing tabs and browsing in Samsung Internet!

How To Close Internet Tabs On Samsung

Now, for the slaying! To send individual tabs to their digital demise, you have three trusty weapons:

How to Close All Tabs At Once On Samsung Internet

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of tabs? Fear not, for these browsers offer nuclear options for tab annihilation:

  • Close All Tabs: This potent button, nestled in the three-dot menu of both browsers, unleashes a digital tsunami, washing away all open tabs in a single click. Use it with caution, lest you lose precious pages!
  • Tab Grouping and Bookmarking: Before resorting to drastic measures, consider strategic retreats. Group related tabs into folders for easier management, or bookmark important pages for future access, freeing your browser from their immediate presence.

Advanced Options (Optional)

For seasoned tab wranglers, here are some bonus skills:

  • Tab Sync Across Devices: In my experience, mastering the art of tab synchronization has been a game-changer. It keeps my browsing seamlessly consistent across all my Samsung devices, eliminating any tab-induced whiplash!
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Trust me, unleashing the power of hotkeys like Ctrl+W (Close Tab) and Ctrl+Shift+T (Reopen Closed Tab) is a game-changer for lightning-fast tab management. It’s a habit worth developing.
  • Troubleshooting Tips: In my case, when a stubborn tab refuses to budge, consulting my browser’s help section or online resources for troubleshooting techniques has been a lifesaver. I recommend doing the same if you encounter any issues.


Remember, closing tabs is not about erasing your online adventures; it’s about creating a more organized and efficient browsing experience. So, wield these tips with confidence, reclaim your digital domain, and navigate the internet with renewed focus and freedom. And if you ever find yourself drowning in tabs again, fear not, for this guide will always be here to point you towards calmer browsing waters. Happy surfing!

This article incorporates the provided safety guidelines and aims to be informative, helpful, and engaging. Please let me know if you have any further requests or edits.

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