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How to Extend Ring Time On Samsung (any sam)

Learn how to extend ring time on Samsung phones. Increase call duration to ensure you never miss important calls. Step-by-step guide.
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Many of you guys want to exchange ring time on Samsung phones and this article is all about that.  We will be guiding you through all the screenshots and practical steps of how you can’t do this as you can say in the bill. I have done this for myself. I have increased ring time by 20 seconds on Samsung M33 and 20 seconds is a lot.

Moreover, this tutorial is applicable to all Samsung smartphones whether you have a Samsung A series phone Samsung M series phone Samsung Galaxy phone or any Samsung phone that exists in the universe.

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How to Extend Ring Time On Samsung

Extending the ring time is quite an easy process. Simply open your Phone app, which is also used for calling or blocking contacts on Samsung. Below, I’m listing all the subheadings and subpoints you should follow step by step along with screenshots to increase the ring time on Samsung:

Step 1: Open the Contacts App

phone app opened screenshot

Simply open up the phone app which is located on your Samsung smartphone from the home or from the app drawer.  or you can use Google Assistant to do this.

Step 2: Enter the Following USSD Code

entering ussd code to extend ringing time

To extend the ring time on Samsung, you need to enter the following USSD code. In the variable field, you have to input how many seconds you want to add. For example, if the default ring time was whatever and you want to add 20 seconds to that, you should enter “20” in the variable field.

  • **61*101**

Step 3: Enter Extension Time

adding exact seconds to increase ring time
adding exact seconds to increase ring time. Here I added 30.

Suppose you have successfully added the following USSD code. Now, to increase the time by about 2 minutes, you need to add 120 there. In 2 minutes, there are 120 seconds, so you have to add 120 in order to increase the ring time to 2 minutes.

  • **61*101**20#

So you have to add 20 whatever seconds you want after the at risk of 101  and  at the last you have to enter a hash.

Step 4: Dial This Code

adding exact seconds to increase ring time

So now you have to call this number, and after calling it, you will see there will be two confirmations that you will get, as you can see in the screenshot that I will provide you below. If you didn’t get the screenshots, it means it is not working for your device or this feature is not compatible with your phone. However, for all the Samsung phones which are running on Android 8 or above, it seems that this feature of increasing ringing time on Samsung would work.


‏extended ring time confirmation
call forwarding enabled for extended ring samsung

Certainly, it’s time to check the results. If you see these two screenshots where it says “Successful” or shows messages like “MMI code started,” or “Call forwarding when no reply for all the basic services,” it means you have successfully extended the ring time on your Samsung device. Your changes have been applied, and your phone should now ring for the adjusted duration as per your settings.

Please ensure that you receive the expected results and that the ring time has indeed been increased according to your preferences.

Q: How to make Samsung phone ring longer before going to voicemail?

A: To make your Samsung phone ring longer before going to voicemail, open the Phone app, tap the three-dot menu, select “Call settings” or a similar option, and choose “Voice call settings.” Adjust the ring time to your preference and save the changes. This ensures your phone rings for a longer duration before calls are sent to voicemail.

Q: Can you increase the number of ring times on Samsung?

A: Yes, you can increase the ring time on a Samsung phone. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the previous answer to set your desired ring duration. You can add more seconds to the ring time to ensure your phone rings for a longer period before going to voicemail.

Q: Why does my phone ring longer sometimes?

A: – Network Strength: A strong network signal can lead to longer ringing times. – Call Forwarding Settings: If you’ve adjusted your call forwarding settings to a longer duration, it will ring for a longer time. – Phone Model: Some phone models may have default settings for longer ring times. – Customization: User-configured settings can also affect ring durations.


That concludes today’s blog post. I’ve shown you how to extend the ring time on a Samsung phone. Many individuals find this information valuable, particularly those with limited physical mobility who benefit from a longer ring time, allowing them to comfortably reach their phones without rushing to answer calls. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you for reading!

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