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How to Reset a Samsung AC Remote

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If my Samsung AC remote is acting up, resetting it can be a straightforward solution. Resetting the remote will clear any potential errors and restore it to its original factory settings.

Quick Summary

To reset my Samsung AC remote, I should start by removing the batteries and waiting for 30 seconds before reinserting them. If my remote still isn’t working, I can try cleaning the battery contacts and the IR emitter on the front of the remote. In case the issue persists, replacing the batteries might be necessary.

How to Reset your Samsung AC Remote

samsung ac remote in hands

Step 1: Remove the batteries

samsung remote backside

I began by opening the battery compartment located on the back of my remote and taking out the batteries.

removing cells or batteries into the remote

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds

I patiently waited for 30 seconds before reinserting the batteries.

Step 3: Insert the batteries

inserting cells or batteries into the remote

Carefully, I placed the batteries back into the remote, ensuring that I matched the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals correctly.

Step 4: Test the remote

testing the AC remote after resetting

I tested the remote by attempting to turn on my AC unit. If the remote reset was successful, the AC unit should respond and turn on.

to check the ac remote

Additional Tips

If the remote still isn’t working as expected, I can try cleaning the battery contacts and the IR emitter on the front of the remote. To do this, I used a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the contacts and the IR emitter.

If the remote continues to malfunction, it might be necessary to replace the batteries.


Resetting a Samsung AC remote is a simple process. By removing the batteries and waiting for 30 seconds before reinserting them, I can often resolve any issues. If problems persist, I can also try cleaning the battery contacts and the IR emitter. Replacing the batteries remains a final option if the remote still doesn’t function correctly.

Q: What does resetting the AC remote do?

A: Your Samsung AC remote may not be working due to a variety of reasons, including dead or weak batteries, a damaged remote, issues with the AC unit itself, or a need for a reset. Diagnosing the specific cause is essential to determine the appropriate solution.

Q: How do I know if my remote needs a reset?

A: You should consider resetting your remote if it becomes unresponsive, fails to control the AC unit, or exhibits other erratic behavior. Recognizing these signs helps users troubleshoot effectively.

Q: What if my AC remote still doesn’t work after a reset?

A: If the remote continues to malfunction after a reset, you may need to check the batteries, the remote’s physical condition, or seek further technical assistance. Addressing the possibility of the issue persisting after a reset and providing next steps for resolving the problem is essential.

Q: Do I need to reprogram the remote after resetting it?

A: No, typically, a reset should not require reprogramming. It should restore the remote’s default settings, allowing it to work with your AC unit as before. Clarifying whether a reset necessitates reprogramming is important to prevent confusion and ensure a smooth post-reset experience.

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