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Com samsung knox container core? Then here’s things you need to know; About com samsung knox container APK. Meaning, Use, Function.
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com.samsung.android.knox.containercore? Are you worried about the Samsung android knox container? You have seen this “com.samsung.android.knox.containercore” in your settings. Right?

The movement you read will be tense because when you haven’t installed anything like this or are just curious to learn, your phone shows that you have used it.

What is com.samsung.android.knox.containercore?

com.samsung.android.knox.containercore screenshot

The com.samsung.android.knox.containercore is an android application package name that only exists on Samsung devices. Every app has its unique identity, known as a ‘Package name.’ Package names look like “com.brand.OS.main-name.Add” 

So, if you found that this app is running. Then it’s the app which is the private, protected workspace. It has its home screen, launcher, browser application, and widgets

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This app is the primary function of privacy on Samsung, including creating a private workspace environment for the user.

com.samsung.android.knox.containercore used for?

This APK is mainly used for private and safe environments in terms of privacy for Samsung devices, which helps the device create a separate workspace with different apps from the apps on the standard home screen.

Here’s What Exactly it is used for; 

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The, also known as “com Samsung android Knox container core,” is an app container technology that enhances privacy. The Knox container lets you prepare an utterly different workspace where apps, home screen, launcher, etc., will be completely different.

Now you might ask, what’s the simplest definition of this? So, What do I get below? A simple explanation for “com Samsung android Knox container core.”

Samsung knox container

com.samsung.android.knox.containercore” is the package name of the app Knox container, which provides privacy to the user and is also used to create multi-user space so, people can use apps separately.

Read more from Samsung here.

Com.samsung.android.knox.containercore devices allow you to create a password-protected workspace called the KNOX container. The container has its home screen, launcher, browser, applications, and widgets when you open it. The applications shown in the container are separate from the applications displayed on your home screen.

Samsung Knox is a proprietary security and management framework pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. Source; Wiki.


That’s what we want to share with you guys, and I hope you got every information about this Samsung Knox Container found on Samsung. We are always here to help you. Have a nice day.

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