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What is the Samsung Free App?

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Here’s exactly: What is the Samsung Free app? Which is installed on every Samsung phone, most users are wondering what it does, so here’s exactly what you need to know about it.

How I Use, and What Exactly is Samsung Free App?

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The Samsung Free app is a free pre-installed application on many Samsung Galaxy devices. In my experience using Samsung phones over the years, I’ve found the Samsung Free app provides access to several helpful services in one convenient spot.

When I open the Samsung Free app, the first thing I see is an integrated news feed with headlines and articles tailored to my interests. I’m able to easily customize the news content to match my preferences. There’s also a useful TV guide that shows me what’s on TV and provides recommendations.

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One feature of Samsung Free I use all the time is the ability to listen to FM radio stations directly through the app, without needing to connect headphones. The app also includes a weather forecast, so I can quickly check to see if I’ll need an umbrella.

Additionally, Samsung Free gives me access to over 100 free TV channels spanning news, sports, movies and more. When I’m looking for something specific to watch, I find the search function very handy. The app streams everything directly, so I don’t need to sign up for any additional services.

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If you own a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, I highly recommend checking out the Samsung Free app. It conveniently brings together many useful everyday features. Just tap the Samsung Free icon to get started. I suggest poking around the various sections to see everything that’s included at no additional cost. It’s become one of my most-used apps!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Quick Summary

  • Pre-installed on all Galaxy devices.
  • Provides access to free live TV, games, news, and podcasts.
  • No subscriptions or fees required.
  • Personalized content recommendations.
  • Seamless access with a single swipe.
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The Samsung Free app is a pre-installed content aggregator on all Galaxy devices. It offers a convenient and free way to access various forms of entertainment and information, all in one place. This includes:

  • You can access live and on-demand content from multiple channels through Samsung TV Plus. The channels and genres available to you will depend on your location.
  • You can also play instant games without installing or downloading them using the PLAY feature within Samsung Free, which offers a variety of game types and categories.
  • For personalized news, you can read articles from different sources, as Samsung Free allows you to customize your news feed to include your preferred topics.
  • Additionally, you can listen to a vast collection of podcasts that cover various genres and interests. You can even download podcasts for offline listening.

Additional Benefits

  • Seamless access: Quickly access all content with a single rightward swipe from your home screen.
  • Free to use: Enjoy all features and content without any subscriptions or fees.
  • Personalized recommendations: Receive recommendations for content based on your individual preferences.
  • Lag-free experience: Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted content consumption.

Who Can Use Samsung Free?

Samsung Free comes preloaded on all Galaxy devices. It is compatible with most Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 10 or later. The app is also available in various regions around the world.


The Samsung Free app is a valuable resource for Galaxy users. It offers a wide range of free content, including live TV, games, news, and podcasts. With its convenient features and personalized recommendations, Samsung Free is a great way to stay entertained and informed on the go.

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