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What is Samsung XR App?

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Here’s exactly what is samsung XR app, how it works, and what it does.

Samsung XR App was a suite of mobile applications designed for Samsung Gear VR headsets, offering a gateway to a diverse range of VR experiences. Discontinued in 2020, the app played a significant role in Samsung’s early involvement in Extended Reality (XR). Despite its end, Samsung continues to explore XR technology, collaborating on a new XR headset and investing in Augmented Reality (AR) research.

Extended Reality (XR), combining Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), has transformed digital experiences. Samsung was at the forefront, introducing the Gear VR platform and its associated apps. While the Samsung XR app is no longer available, its legacy shapes Samsung’s ongoing commitment to XR technology.

Quick Summary:

  • Samsung XR App: Mobile apps for Gear VR.
  • XR involves VR and AR.
  • Samsung’s past in XR with Gear VR.
  • Samsung XR apps discontinued in 2020.

What was Samsung XR App?

The Samsung XR App was a suite of mobile applications tailored for the Gear VR headset, enabling users to:

  • Immerse in 360-degree videos without a headset.
  • Control and launch VR content using Samsung phones.
  • Download and manage VR apps and games.

What types of content did Samsung XR App offer?

The app catered to diverse interests, offering:

  • 360-degree movies and TV shows.
  • Educational VR experiences and documentaries.
  • Interactive games and applications.
  • Social VR platforms for community connections.

Why did Samsung discontinue the XR App?

Several factors contributed to the app’s discontinuation:

  • Declining popularity of Gear VR.
  • Shift towards AR development.
  • Increased competition from other VR platforms.

The Future of Samsung XR:

Despite the discontinuation, Samsung’s commitment to XR technology is evident through:

  • Collaboration on a new XR headset with Qualcomm and Google.
  • Substantial investment in AR research and development.
  • The potential for new XR apps and platforms.


The Samsung XR app, though no longer available, symbolizes Samsung’s early strides in VR technology. As XR evolves, Samsung’s ongoing involvement promises exciting possibilities for immersive experiences and seamless digital-physical integration.

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